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EP265 - EP269 Released

FIX GTC has released five new Extension Packs, including MMT v3.5 and UPI

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A browser-based application that reads FIX logfiles and produces a machine readable rules of engagement specification

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Interactive Web browser based reference for the FIX Specification that is generated from the FIX Orchestra Repository

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FIX Standards

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Best execution post-RTS 27: Building consensus in the industry

REGULATION December 23, 2021 12:03 PM GMT The removal of RTS 27 execution reports does not negate the importance of best execution, and with the expected regulatory divergence between the UK and EU markets, greater collaboration among market participants to agree on standards is of paramount importance. By Charlotte Decuyper With greater divergence between EU and UK regulators post-Brexit, standards that are...

The Industry Asks… Quickfire Questions On FIX Latest Standard

With Emma Quinn, Global Co-Head of Equity Trading, AllianceBernstein, and Hanno Klein, FIX Technical Director As part of series of articles by members of the FIX Trading Community, AllianceBernstein’s Global Co-Head of Equity Trading, (and Chair of the FIX Trading Community’s Board of Directors), Emma Quinn, quizzes FIX Technical Director, Hanno Klein, on just what the end of FIX versioning...

Fixed income: Bond trade efficiency potentially stalled by regulators

Posted by: Best Execution, November 10, 2021 Regulators could stymie the only consensus model for firm pricing in fixed income, a market short of transparency. Dan Barnes reports. Regulators may throw a spanner in the works of bond trading automation, by including desktop trading tools within the definition of regulated trading venue. A ruling by the Commodities Futures Trading Commission (CFTC)...

Why Being a FIX Trading Community Member Matters

Why Being a FIX Trading Community Member Matters — And Why You Should Contribute By Rich Evans, Global Co-chair of FIX Trading Community, and Lee Saba, Global Co-chair of FIX Trading Community and Head of Market Structure, Rialto Markets In an era of focus on good governance, every firm’s contribution to the FIX community matters more than ever. FIX has...

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