We have created this page to allow our FIX member firms to share their latest news and press releases.  If there is an item you wish to be posted on this page and you are a FIX member, please send through to the FIX Program Office.

13th Sept 2022 – TNSTNS Launches ‘Managing Trading Ecosystems Amid Global Volatility’ Analysis | TNS – Payment, Telecoms & Financial Data Solutions (tnsi.com)

22nd July 2022 – TNSTNS Launches Managed Hosting and Market Data Low Latency Trading Services in JSE

24th May 2022 – TNS TNS Announces First Managed Hosting and Colocation Access in BME Data Center

10th March 2022 – TNS –  TNS Boosts European Reach with Addition of Bolsas y Mercados Españoles

10th February 2022 – TNS – TNS Announces Independent ‘Managed Services Versus DIY’ Report Findings

1st February 2022 –  B2BITS, EPAM Systems – B2BITS, EPAM Systems released Community Edition of FIX Antenna .NET

31st January 2022Chronicle Software – Chronicle Software Next Gen FIX Engine

19th January 2022 – Exegy – Exegy Announces Record Sales Growth in 2021

11th January 2022 – TNS – TNS Offers Seamless Relocation to London Stock Exchange Data Center

2nd December 2021 – TNS – TNS Provides Essential Trading Services Connectivity to Asia

2nd November 2021 – TNS – TNS Strengthens European Reach to Deliver Enhanced Market Data Capability and Ultra-Low Latency Connectivity

5th October 2021 – TNS – TNS Offers Trading Firms Seamless Relocation to Bergamo IT3

15th September 2021 – BLOOMBERG – ASC X9 Publishes U.S. Standard for the Financial Instrument Global Identifier

17th August 2021 – TNS – TNS extends presence in Asia Pacific to 11 countries

3rd August 2021 – TNS – TNS launches market data and order routing services at India INX, Gift City

20th July 2021 – TNS – TNS Expands Eurex and Xetra Access to Non-Members

29th June 2021 – TNS – TNS adds Vienna Stock Exchange to its impressive market data portfolio

25th May 2021 – TNS – SGX and TNS to Enhance Colocation Options and Market Access for Traders


11th May 2021 – TNS – Brazil B3 to be The Latest Addition to TNS’ Growing Global Portfolio

27th April 2021 – TNS – TNS Launches Managed Hosting Solution for JPX Traders

24th March 2021 – TRADEVELA – The power of six: Tapping into the benefits of Site Reliability Engineering

23rd February 2021 – OVERBOND – Overbond forms strategic alliance with Rapid Addition

23rd February 2021 – TRADEVELA – Entitlements-as-a-Service: Managing market data on the cloud

19th February 2021 – OCC/CHARLES SCHWAB – Trading and technology

17th February 2021 – VELA – Vela adds Cboe One market data to SuperFeed

9th February 2021 – REDLAP CONSULTING – Challenges in Communication with Brokers Rise for Buy-side, Survey Finds

12th January 2021 – CONNAMARA – FIX Trading Community appoints Jim Downs to GTC Governance Board

16th December 2020 – VELA – Direct Market Access in Exchange-Traded FX Derivatives

15th December 2020 – VELA – ED&F Man Capital Markets and Vela Collaborate on US Equities and Equity Options Execution Offering

3rd December 2020 – VELA – Helping the Broker Community Discover the Value of DMA Simplicity in a Complex World

30th November 2020 – IRESS – Iress teams up with Talent Beyond Boundaries (TBB) and hires first UK placement

27th October 2020 – TNS – TNS Re-engineers its European Backbone to Deliver Robust Marketing Data…

22nd October 2020 – SIX – Making Markets Transparent – MMT

6th October 2020 – TNS – LSE upgrades connectivity options with tns ultra low latency solution 

29th September 2020 – TNS – Supports US Equities Expansion 

21st September 2020 –Vela – Named best Low-Latency Data/Technology Provider 

17th September 2020 – Chronicle – Major financial institutions increase trading technology performance

17th September 2020 – Overbond – Overbond launches real-time AI bond pricing trading product

9th September 2020 – Vela – Expands Fixed Income offering with Fenics UST 

3rd September 2020- TNS –Expands Euronext Connection to include Vital Equities Market Data 

10th August 2020 – Vela – Vela and IPC expand market data partnership 

5th August 2020 – Vela – deploys normalised market data feed in AWS  

7th July 2020  TNS – Adds Cboe Europe to Extensive Market Data Roster 

17th June 2020 – BT –  Radianz celebrates 20 years of Trading 

16th June 2020 – TNS –  Strengthens Market Data Portfolio with new connection to SIX Swiss Exchange 

27th May 2020 –TNS – Ultra-Low Latency Layer 1 Solution Now Live on Xetra Trading Platform

26th May 2020 –Chronicle – Secure new global FIX client  

5th May 2020  Torstone – The Digitalization of Sell Side Risk Management

29th April 2020 – SIX – The long way towards Data Excellence

28th April 2020 –TNS –Launches Ultra-low Latency Offering in Key New York Area Data Centers

15th April 2020 –TNS –Adds Real Time HKEX Market Data to its Global Offering  

26th February 2020 –Vela –Metro wins Best Options Trading Platform 

26th February 2020 –Vela –Named Best Managed Low-Latency Data Feed

19th February 2020 – Vela –  Capitalead Pte. Ltd Expands Access to Derivatives Markets with VELA’s DMA Platform

13th February 2020 –Vela – adds product and account management expertise  

10th January 2020 – Torstone –Mack Gill appointed co-chair of the FIX Trading Community Global Post-Trade Working Group

10th December 2019TNS – Expands EMEA Managed Hosting Coverage to more key Data Centers 

5th December 2019 – Members Exchange – messaging protocol now available 

26th November 2019 – Vela’s  Peggy Sullivan wins Women in Finance award for Excellence in Service Providers

31st October 2019 – Vela’s Metro trading platform expands market data coverage and risk management capabilities  

28th October 2019 –Velaand plusWealth collaborate to extend Metro Trading Platform Access to NSE

16th October 2019Vela – launches next generation FPGA-Enabled Ticker Plant appliance for US Equities

15th October 2019 – TNS – working with HKEX to address global demand for trading on Hong Kong’s stock market

12th September 2019- Vela – announces roadmap to significantly  expand its market data feed

4th September 2019 – AxeTrading – Indonesia Stock Exchange appointed AxeTrading Ltd as a Technology Partner for Electronic Trading Platform (ETP) for Indonisian Bonds Market

8th August 2019 – Vela – adds IMC Systematic Internaliser Data Feed

30th July 2019 – TNS expands its managed financial services portfolio with the acquisition of netxpress

12th June 2019 – Vela – wins award for best managed low latency data feed

21st May 2019 – TNS Lightsup the Financial Markets with Low-Latency Dark Fiber Upgrade

30th April 2019 – Vela – Enters into strategic partnership with ENYX

2nd April 2019 –  Vela – DMA platform further expands into APAC

14th March 2019 – Connamara – Systems Launches New Matching Engine Technology Platform EP3

12th March 2019 – Exactpro – delivers test strategy recommnedations for HKEX’s NEXTGEN Post Trade Programme

28th February 2019 – Vela – Wins A-Teams TradingTech Insight  Europe Award for Best High Performance Market Access Solution

28th February 2019 – Vela –  Ticksmith announces its part nership with Vela to provide storage and analytics capabilities

20th February 2019 – BT – Is RegTech your differentiator

14th February 2019 – Vela – Vela partners with CoinRoutes to deliver Crypto-Asset Smart Order Routing

7th February 2019 – Vela – Wins best DMA offering for the fourth time 

22nd January 2019 TNS – Broadens Service Offerings for Financial Markets with Strategic R2G Acquisition

8th January 2018 – TNS –   Launches New Peer to Peer VPN Solution

11th December 2018 – Vela –  Wins Best New Market Data Technology Product at FOW International Awards 2018

6th December 2018 – Vela –  To facilitate electronic access to Eurex Enlight

27th November 2018 – Vela – Stacy Mallon of Vela wins Women in Finance Award 

25th October 2018 – TNS –  Deutsche Boerse and TNS Unite in Strategic Boost to Eurex and Xetra Platforms

2nd October 2018 – Vela – Scott Visconti joins Vela as CTO 

19th September 2018 – Vela – Expands SuperFeed with additional Asia Pacific markets

10th September 2018 – TNS –  Exegy and TNS Partner to offer a Global FX Trading Platform

22nd August 2018 – Vela – Partners with CoinMarketCap to include cryptocurrencies in superfeed

16th August 2018 – Vela –  Announces Key executive appointment 

18th June 2018 – Vela –  Wins Intelligent Trading Technology Award for Best High Performance Data Feed Handler-Software

5th June 2018 TNS –  Target Growth with Strategic new Chief product officer hire

30th May 2018 Vela – Alexandria McGrath of Vela recognized as a Rising Star

26th April 2018 Metamako – Network technology firm Metamako acquires xCelor hardware business

25th April 2018 Vela – Adds Eris Exchange to DMA Platform

16th April 2018 Vela – CEO Jen Nayar Named In Institutional Investor’s Trading Tech 40 For Third Consecutive Year

2nd April 2018 Esprow – Esprow Launches ETP GSP, a package of pre-built FIX simulators for global markets

26th February 2018 Metamako – Trading firm Mana Partners gains ultra-low latency exchange connectivity with Metamako

15th February 2018Cinnober – Japan Exchange Group live with Cinnober’s Clearing and Risk Solutions

13th February 2018Vela – Wins Best DMA Offering at 2018 Fund Technology and WSL Awards

30th January 2018TNS – Expands Hosting Services to New York and Chicago Financial Hubs

25th January 2018 Ullink – ULLINK Confirms NYFIX Compliance with Latest FIXS Security Standards

14th December 2017Connamara – Systems and MACD announce QuickFIX/J and QuickFIX/N ready for MiFID II

12th December 2017Colt – Slashes London-Tokyo network latency

7th December 2017Itiviti – Wins FOW International Award for MiFID II regulatory solution 

21st November 2017Esprow – Opens New York office

20th September 2017ITG – Algo Wheel builds in best-ex for MiFID II and simplifies trader workflows

11th September 2017Quanthouse Announces the launch of its ‘QH API Ecosystem’ initiative designed to be the API Store for the Quants

6th September 2017Thomson Reuters –  Slow burn: FX market structure changes

1st September 2017Corvil – Countdown to MIFID II Compliance, find out how Corvil can help with rapid implementation