About FIX Trading Community


Overview of FIX Trading Community

Learn about the non-profit, industry-driven standards body at the heart of global trading

FIX Trading Community – Did You Know?

Gain insight into the organisation today, its global reach, industry scope and the impact of its work

Member Firms

Learn about the 275+ world leading financial services firms that have chosen to become FIX Trading Community™ members

Corporate Governance

Understand how the organisation is structured and protects FIX® as a non-proprietary, free and open standard


Discover how these committees are driving increased efficiencies through greater standardisation across the trade life-cycle, asset classes and geographically

Working Groups

Focused on specific projects, explore how these groups offer significant opportunities for firms to get involved in new initiatives shaping the future of trading


About FIX Protocol


What is FIX?

Learn about the FIX messaging standard; the way the world trades

Who uses FIX?

Discover the ever expanding number of firms that use FIX to complete thousands of trades every day

FIX Products & Services Vendors

Explore the FIX products and services offered by FIX Trading Community member firms

FIX and Other Industry Bodies

Understand how FIX Trading Community collaborates with multiple industry bodies to deliver market-wide results